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Queue Management System

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Management Systems

UQueue-4G is Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Software that intended to provide a complete set of interrelated software system (components), to automate the files, processes and reporting in customer’s company.

Queue Management System (UQueue-4G) is an important system in crowded environments that needs to effectively manage customers time and enhance quality of services.

Queue Management Systems (QMS) help businesses to maximize throughput and services provision. UQueue-4G is your right choice to achieve these opportunities. Weather it is a single service firm or multiple services points, UQueue-4G will just work perfectly.

UQueue-4G enable our customers to define unlimited service provision points and Services Types. You can customize the system to operate in a single service mode or you can configure the system to use multiple interrelated cycle depending on your needs.

UQueue-4G is software based QMS, and can work without a need for special hardware devices like push buttons and mono-displays. Th system uses computers display and sound cards, so, our customers will become free to use any monitors and sound systems they want. UQueue-4G provide 4 components to our valued customers, which are: Management System, Services Requests, Services Points Management and Caller System.

UQueue-4G can become a useful tool in many domains, including: Banks, governmental firms, health facilities, and any public-related unit that provide service to many customers at the same time

Main Components:
  • Management System
  • Service Requester
  • Service Manager
  • Caller

UQueue-4G can operate on many different types of hardware, which can boost performance and efficiency, some devices are essential for the system to operate while others are optional and can be overridden.

UQueue-4G is depend on many different software in order to operate properly, some are critical and the system cannot operate properly without right versions of these software.

UQueue-4G is depend on many different software in order to operate properly, some are critical and the system cannot operate properly without right versions of these software.

UQueue-4G is built on a client-server network architecture, that means it can provide its services simultaneously to many network users on the same time. To enable this feature, the system must be configured to run in existing network. Customer can choose depending on his preferences between many networks design and the system will support it.

Training on UQueue-4G require prerequisites and background information which each user should have, customer should be aware and ensure that his staff have this background and they are capable to start training on the system

Specifications For UQueue-4G

  • Multi Langual (English- Arabic)
  • Multi-Users
  • Network Enabled
System Modules
  • Multiple Services Types
  • Multiple Services Point
  • Multiple Callers
  • Direct Services
  • Support Management Cycles (Mutliple Queues)
  • Manage and Move Queues
  • Services Provision analyzer
Security and Administration:
  • Users Management and Priviliges
  • Security Logs and Actvities Tracking
  • Database Backup and Restore
  • Technical Support and Manintenance
  • Help System

The steps get UQueue-4G are:
  • Select your required modules
  • Complete contracting and financial procedures
  • Our team will assess your current status and create implementation plan
  • Our Team will make the Required Installation and configuration
  • Training schedule will be issued and implemented
  • Starting testing in working environment
  • Deliver project

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