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Laborotary Information System

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Health Systems

Update Laboratory Information System forth Generation (ULIS-4G) is laboratory management system designed for medical facilities.

ULIS-4G is an essential tool for any health facility. Our system equipped with comprehensive Lab test database with ability to add more tests. Tests database is detailed and contains all sub tests and normal ranges for any test. With additional intelligent mechanism that enable our customer to make the system analyze and suggest test outcome.

ULIS-4G can operate in single mode (Stand-alone Lab) or integrated in health facility system throw (UHAS-4G), and also can operate for out-patient or In-patient Requests. the system will enable Lab staff to do all lab activities: Sample Collection, Result feeding and Acquisition, Result checking, Print and Send Results.

ULIS-4G can print Samples Barcodes, Integrated with Lab Machines (supporting Machine integration), send tests requests, receive test results, print customized results. The system can also work with clinic information system (UClinic-4G) to send result directly to doctors’ clinic or to Nurse Station system (NSS) in case of operating the system in Hospitals.

ULIS-4G can analyze results and suggest outcome, track patient history and perform Delta Check as well as control lab management activities, for instance, test costing, material purchasing and stock control and staff schedules and time attendance.

ULIS-4G can operate on many different types of hardware, which can boost performance and efficiency, some devices are essential for the system to operate while others are optional and can be overridden.

ULIS-4G is depend on many different software in order to operate properly, some are critical and the system cannot operate properly without right versions of these software.

ULIS-4G is depend on many different software in order to operate properly, some are critical and the system cannot operate properly without right versions of these software.

ULIS-4G is built on a client-server network architecture, that means it can provide its services simultaneously to many network users on the same time. To enable this feature, the system must be configured to run in existing network. Customer can choose depending on his preferences between many networks design and the system will support it.

Training on ULIS-4G require prerequisites and background information which each user should have, customer should be aware and ensure that his staff have this background and they are capable to start training on the system

Specifications For ULIS-4G

  • Multi-Users
  • Network Enabled
System Modules
  • Complete Test' Database with Normal Ranges
  • Manage In-Patient and Out-Patients Requests
  • Manual Result Feed
  • Lab Machine Integration
  • Print Samples Containers Barcodes
  • Support Lab Department and Auto Request Distribution and Collection
  • Result Checker
  • Print Results
  • Support Doctor Clinic Integration
  • Support Nurse Station Integration
  • Track Patient's History
  • Send Result throw Emails
  • Perform Lab Management Activities
  • Track Lab Stock Control and Consumables
Security and Administration:
  • Users Management and Priviliges
  • Security Logs and Actvities Tracking
  • Database Backup and Restore
  • Technical Support and Manintenance
  • Help System

The steps get ULIS-4G are:
  • Select your required modules
  • Complete contracting and financial procedures
  • Our team will assess your current status and create implementation plan
  • Our Team will make the Required Installation and configuration
  • Training schedule will be issued and implemented
  • Starting testing in working environment
  • Deliver project

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