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Hospital Administration System-4G [UHAS-4G]

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ERP System

Update Hospital Administration System 4th Generation (UHAS-4G) is a fully integrated system designed to meet management activities in the health facilities. It contains 28 Sub Systems which are interrelated to match all health facilities requirements.

Although UHAS-4G was designed to fully operate comprehensive hospitals, however, its features are selectable and can be down-scaled to operate medical centers, clinics and every Medical facility.

UHAS-4G is an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) Software that intended to provide a complete set of interrelated software system (components), to automate the files, processes and reporting in customer’s company. The sub systems in UHAS-4G are grouped into three sets, which are: Management System Set, Medical System Set and Complementary system set.

Management System Set contains all the management information systems that health facility may need to manage its daily activities, that’s include: Accounting and Billing, Stock Control, Human Resources, Purchases, Reception and Admission control management.

Medical System Set focus on medical information systems, in particular, Patient Medical Records (PMR). The Medical Systems contain: Clinic Information System (CIS), Laboratory Information System (LIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Pharmacy Administration System, Theatre management, ER Management, Nurse Station and other modules

Complementary System provide the health facility with additional resources to leverage the quality of services, for instance, Queue Management System (QMS) and Gates Administration can really be helpful to manage non- essential activities in a given health facility.

UHAS -4G consist of many interrelated and integrated modules. These modules are classified as:
  • Compulsory: software is required and should be installed.
  • Optional: customer is free to select the module depend on his needs.

UHAS-4G can operate on many different types of hardware, which can boost performance and efficiency, some devices are essential for the system to operate while others are optional and can be overridden.

UHAS-4G is depend on many different software in order to operate properly, some are critical and the system cannot operate properly without right versions of these software.

UHAS-4G is depend on many different software in order to operate properly, some are critical and the system cannot operate properly without right versions of these software.

UHAS-4G is built on a client-server network architecture, that means it can provide its services simultaneously to many network users on the same time. To enable this feature, the system must be configured to run in existing network. Customer can choose depending on his preferences between many networks design and the system will support it.

Training on Usolver-4G require prerequisites and background information which each user should have, customer should be aware and ensure that his staff have this background and they are capable to start training on the system

Specifications For UHAS-4G

  • Multi Langual (English- Arabic)
  • Multi-Users
  • Network Enabled
  • Web Access (Optional)
System Modules
Managament Systems:
  • General Accounts
  • Stock Control
  • Human Resources
  • Purchases and Procurement
  • Facilitiy Managament
  • Upper Management
  • System Administration
  • Out-Patient Reception and Billing
  • In-Patient Admission Management
  • Medical Insurance Contracts and Monthly Claims
  • Docotors and Technician Payment
  • Rooms Management
Medical Systems:
  • Patient Medical Records (PMR)
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS)
  • Clinic Information System (CIS)
  • Radiology Information System (RIS)
  • Emergency Room (ER)
  • Nurse Statation System (NSS)
  • Theatre Management System (TMS)
  • Medical Stocks Management (MSM)
  • Pharmacy Administration System (PHAS)
  • Medical Engineering System (MES)
  • Dental System
Complementary Systems:
  • Service System
  • Gate Administration System
  • Queue Management System (QMS)
  • Notification System
  • Family and Friends Messaging System (FFMS)
  • Patient's Selfcare
  • Restaurant and hospitality System

The steps get UHAS-4G are:
  • Select your required modules
  • Complete contracting and financial procedures
  • Our team will assess your current status and create implementation plan
  • Our Team will make the Required Installation and configuration
  • Training schedule will be issued and implemented
  • Starting testing in working environment
  • Deliver project

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